The Story Behind Gaps and Slots

A one-man band success story

Late 1996, mobile devices boom.
Everyone wanted their devices car-mounted. Like today, no one wanted to drill screws for their dashboards.

Gaps and slots, since 1997.

Just one universal infotainment installation method, no damaging. For all devices, vehicles, makes & makers, anywhere.

The product, then called EquipitKIT, was an instant success. It alerted also the mobile phone industry and negotiations of licensing it to the biggest player on the market were made.

A new story chapter unfolds 2015

The inventor finds out only 2015 that the biggest mobile phone company on the market, during the time of the invention of the product, had copied the invention to themselves and patented it. 

A one-man band success story turns into another disgraceful case for the Corporation.

Campaign to bring the matter into daylight to warn other inventors for the dangers in the patent system, August 2017

After negotiation with the corporation and understanding that the "modus operandi" has not changed, the inventor starts a campaign that other inventors globally would understand what they face when they patent an invention or if they reached by a global giant corporation to negotiate about the invention.